VP Comms @Zendesk & Quora Top Writer, Dushka Zapata, On Advice For Your 20s

Dushka Zapata, VP Comms @Zendesk and Top Writer on Quora (>100M views on her Quora answers), shares more detail on one of her recent answers on Quora, to the question "What are things you wish someone had told you when you were in your twenties?"


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We delve into further discussion on the following points from Dushka's answer:

1. "Networking events = waste of time. No, I will not “work a room”. "
2. "Things will bounce back at you so fast you’ll get whiplash. Your intern will be your boss soon. So soon. Act accordingly."
3. "Travel. Read. Develop a point of view. Curiosity is where it’s at."
4. "Don’t regard peers as competitors; don’t concoct rivalries. We are in this together."
5. "It’s possible to make all the right decisions and end up with an undesired outcome. Ergo, the outcome cannot possibly be the measure of your decisions."
6. "Examine the reason — the real reason — behind the decisions you make. Your ego will get you every. Single. Time."

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