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Explore a Career in Real Estate Private Equity - Discussion with Zahara Kassam, Asset Manager with Marathon Asset Management

Zahara Kassam, Asset Manager at Marathon Asset Management, describes working in the field of Real Estate Private Equity in detail.

Prior to joining Marathon, Zahara was a Director in the European Investment Analysis team at InterContinental Hotels Group, where she structured franchise, management, joint venture and M&A transactions to increase the distribution of IHG's brands. She has also worked as a Microfinance Fellow in rural India with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, and Citigroup’s Corporate & Investment Banking Group.

Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. What is Real Estate Private Equity
2. Private Equity Business Model
3. What is Asset Management
4. Day to day aspects of working as an Asset Manager
5. Interesting and challenging aspects of working in this space
6. Recruiting tips and useful resources

EDIT: 28:10 - Building more rooms to add value is summarized wrongly in the discussion as increased value due to increase in occupancy. It's primarily due to increased ability to accommodate more paying guests.

EDIT: 33:55 - While in the episode, we discussed only cases where a PE fund takes over a business entirely, it is possible for a PE fund to have a stake in a company and not buy it outright.

Thank you for listening!! 


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