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Jim McCarthy works with executives to build happy, high-performance teams. He is an internationally acclaimed leadership consultant and motivational speaker. Jim’s workshops often include scientific research, anecdotes, writing exercises, group discussion, action items, and daily practices.

Jim has more than 19 years of executive and board level experience at Silicon Valley startups. He became employee # 258 at Yahoo in 1997, and later worked at NexTag, BlueLithium, and Drawbridge. Earlier in his career, Jim was an English teacher in Frankfurt, a business journalist in Madrid, and a McKinsey consultant in Munich.

Audiences deeply appreciate Jim’s unique perspective — as a Stanford MBA, Internet pioneer, world traveler, father, and person living with a cancer diagnosis.

In this episode, Jim shares what he learnt when he was diagnosed with cancer, and his message for others as they go through their own lives and careers.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


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