Explore a Career in Product Management in Biotech- Discussion with Matteus Pan, Principal PM @Bina Technologies (acquired by Roche) and former Group Product Manager @Dropbox

Matteus Pan, Principal Product Manager at Bina Technologies, a genomics based cancer diagnostics company, and formerly Group Product Manager at Dropbox, talks about working as a Product Manager in the Biotech space. Bina Technologies was acquired by Roche Sequencing recently.

Matt has a bachelors in Economics and Computer Science Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the full discussion:


Some of the things that Matt touches upon in this episode include:

1. Examples of problems that biotech companies are working on
2. Dimensions to think along when considering working in biotech
3. Types of projects a PM in biotech might work on
4. Differences between PMing in Biotech vs Tech
5. Team members you work with as a PM in biotech
6. Helpful books for developing some level of basic expertise and understanding of biological systems for laymen
7. How working in this space can be very rewarding
8. Challenging aspects of this job 
9. Skills and qualities in someone who would excel as a PM in biotech
10. How to decide between PMing in tech vs biotech
11. How to apply and stand out

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