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Pop Singer & Songwriter, Audrey Proulx, talks about building a career as a Singer 

Audrey Proulx

Audrey Proulx, an up-and-coming Pop Singer and Songwriter, describes what goes into building a career as a singer. Audrey recently released her first music video for her song "Try", which has received more than a 1M views on Facebook in a matter of a few months alone!

Armed with a CS degree and MBA, both from Stanford University, Audrey talks about how she draws upon her Silicon Valley Tech and Business background to approach her music career in a fresh and entrepreneurial fashion.

Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. The importance of the business aspects of building a career as a singer - such as areas like Branding, Social Media, etc.
2. Typical components that go into getting that final song
3. How Audrey's music video went viral
4. How Audrey uses her tech and business background to build her brand and grow her audience
5. Advice for budding singers

You can check out Audrey's music at




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