From Product Manager to Entrepreneur in Residence - Discussion with Jiayi Liang, EIR @Amazon

Jiayi Liang, joined Amazon as a Product Manager in their Amazon Web Services business. After a few years, she joined their Entrepreneur in Residence program. In this episode, she shares her experience as an EIR (including what it was like to present to Jeff Bezos), and how she made the move from Product Manager to EIR.

Jiayi has a Bachelors in Economics from Beijing Foreign Studies University and MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


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Some of the areas that Jiayi touches upon in this episode include:

1. How she got into Product Management with zero technical background
2. How Jiayi focused on earning her team's trust from the get-go
3. How Jiayi developed proposals for ideas she had and circulated them within the company for two years, which helped her get in front of the right people
4. How Jiayi got into the Entrepreneur in Residence program at Amazon
5. Jiayi's meeting with Jeff Bezos to get seed funding for her idea
6. What happens in the Entrepreneur in Residence program
7. 3 qualities that enabled Jiayi to get into this program - openness to learning, resilience, and patience
8. How she really invested in learning about the business - which helped her build her network and earn trust
9. Setbacks that she had along this journey
10. Courses that Jiayi used to teach herself basics of computer science
11. Career advice

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