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Explore starting a Drop Shipping business - Discussion with Zach Pinnell, Founder

Zach Pinnell, Founder, and a successful Drop-Shipper, describes what is drop shipping and how you can set up a drop shipping business from scratch. With over half a million views on his answers on drop shipping on Quora, and many detailed how-to guides for drop shipping, Zach Pinnell is a great guide for anyone interested in exploring drop shipping.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the discussion with Zach!


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. What is drop shipping
2. Steps to setting up a drop shipping business - how to find a product to sell, how to set up a sales page and how to market it
3. Common mistakes you can make and how to avoid them
4. Marketing ideas you can explore for your sales page
5. Tons and tons of resources
6. Interesting and challenging aspects of setting up and running a drop shipping business
7. How drop shipping can be a great source of passive side income, and can also become a big enough business of it own

Zach has shared a ton of resources, check them out below. Please note that many of the links shared below are affiliate links which help Zach monetize his content.

The headbands sales page Zach talks about:

Another sales page being run by a drop-shipper selling vintage sunglasses: 
Zach's blog where you can sign up for his free video series on how to set up a drop shipping business:b
Zach's Quora Profile: - Fast, reliable, secure web hosting with 24/7 support for less than $1/day. - A beautiful, inexpensive product landing page.  Their demos make excellent examples of how you want your sales pages to turn out. - Free and easy-to-use E-Commerce functionality for your Wordpress site. - Find products to dropship from the United States and Canada.  Find a link to their dropshipping program in the footer of the page (you will get a discount on all products). - Get affiliates to sell your product for you for a set commission. - Modify your sales page theme without any code. - Find WordPress themes to build beautiful sales pages. - Competitive Intelligence.  Find out what marketing communications are resonating with your audience. - Serve ads to previous visitors for cheap.  Get $120 in free credits when you sign up.  Best to get Perfect Audience up and running earlier rather than later, to maximize the size of the audience you can re-target.

Thank you for listening!! If you have any questions for Zach or for us, you can email us at or tweet at us @led_curator or like us on Facebook at

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