Explore a Career in Category Management in Retail - Discussion with Ariel Lee, Former Category Manager @CVS Health

Ariel Lee, Former Category Manager at CVS Health, shares with us what the role of a Category Manager at a large Retail company is all about.

At CVS Health, Ariel was responsible for $300M P&L and 16+ partners across 7,800 stores and CVS.com. Ariel has a BA in Neuroscience from Cornell University, and an MBA with a focus on Marketing and Strategy from Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.

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Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. What is Category Management
2. The day to day job of a Category Manager in Retail
3. Importance of understanding consumer behavior to be a good category manager
4. Dealing and negotiating with multiple partners for your category
5. The kind of person who would do well in this job - dealing with multiple stakeholders, lot of data analysis, deadlines, etc.
6. Interesting and challenging aspects of the job
7. Tips for interested candidates

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