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Building A Career As A Mountaineer - Conversation With Kim Hess, High Altitude Climber, Summited Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro

Kim Hess, a high altitude climber, shares her journey on how she is carving a career as a professional mountaineer. Over the span of her career, Kim has climbed many peaks, including Everest, Denali and Kilimanjaro.

A quote Kim lives by - “In the end, we only REGRET the chances we didn’t take.

Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


In this discussion, Kim talks about:

1. Some scary and beautiful moments that Kim has experienced while on her expeditions
2. How to looks for corporate sponsors - how it needs finding a unique message and platform that you can provide that sponsors like
3. How you can get creative with who sponsors you. Eg: Kim was sponsored by a healthcare company. It's not just outdoors companies that you can approach.
4. How she deals with the fear of dying or something going horribly wrong - that she'd rather die doing something that she enjoys than dying in a traffic accident
5. That for Kim, this is about pushing herself and testing her boundaries - mentally, physically and emotionally
6. How being good at the sport is only a starting point - then you need to be a good storyteller and humble in order to make a career out of it
7. How saying "I AM a good fit" rather than "I THINK I'm a good fit" to sponsors made a big difference
8. Recommended resources

Thank you for listening!! 


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