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Travis Moore, Founder of TechCongress (non-profit startup), describes how he and his team are creating a way for those interested to apply their tech skills to government. TechCongress is a year long fellowship, where fellows get the chance to work with members of Congress and leverage their technical skills to influence policy and legislation.

You can check out TechCongress at: 


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


Some of the areas that Travis touches upon in this episode:

1. What is TechCongress
2. Examples of projects TechCongress fellows work on
3. Why Travis started TechCongress
4. What a typical day looks like - from drafting statements in response to events (such as the Equifax breach), to working on longer term policy changes
5. How this program is great for those looking to understand how govt and policy making works
6. Future paths that Fellows end up taking
7. Other programs like this - Presidential Innovation Fellows, but there are very few that exist
8. Skills you pick up during the program - How Congress works, nuances of how coalitions form, negotiations, bill writing, policy research, etc.
9. Skills a good fellow needs to have - technical ability, tech translation skills, people skills and teamwork
10. Application timelines
11. Interview Process

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