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Explore a Career in Growth Management in Tech - Discussions with Growth Managers @OrderAhead and ThredUp

In the case of Growth Management in Tech, we have had not one, but two guests from two very well known Silicon Valley startups to talk about what working in this space is all about - OrderAhead and ThredUp. Enjoy!


Discussion with Shoji Ueki, Head of Growth & Sales @OrderAhead

Shoji Ueki, Head of Growth & Sales at OrderAhead, describes what working in Growth in Tech entails. Having worked as Director of User Growth at another Silicon Valley based company, Kiwi Inc., and now heading Growth at OrderAhead, Shoji shares a number of great examples and stories that illustrate this job very well.

Some of the areas that we touch upon in this episode include:

1. What someone in Growth works on
2. Thought process that someone in Growth might use to devise various Growth Strategies
3. Examples of growth campaigns that Shoji worked on - what worked, and what didn't
4. How OrderAhead tacked the 2-sided market problem
5. Building a "Growth Loop"
6. Why someone in Growth has to be very comfortable with experimentation
7. Interesting and challenging aspects of the job
8. How interested candidates can stand out when applying
9. Useful resources to learn more about this job

Discussion with Aakash Gupta, Senior Growth Manager @ThredUp

Aakash Gupta, Senior Growth Manager at San Francisco based startup ThredUp, describes the role of a Growth Manager in Tech startups in detail.

In this episode, we touch upon:

1. What is the meaning of Growth Management
2. The kind of problems someone in Growth works on
3. Examples of projects someone in Growth would undertake
4. The kind of people who would love working in Growth
5. Interesting and challenging aspects of the role
6. Recruiting for a role in Growth in tech startups

If you have any questions for us, you can email us at [email protected] or tweet at us @led_curator

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