Explore a career in Marketing Analytics in Tech - Discussion with Ian Murdock, Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics @Twilio

Ian Murdock, Senor Manager of Marketing Analytics at cloud communications platform company, Twilio, describes in detail what a Marketing Analyst in Tech does. Good listen for anyone interested in Data and Tech.

Ian has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Houston, and MBA from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion.


Some of the areas that Ian touches upon include:

1. Why Ian got interested in Analytics
2. What is Marketing Analytics
3. Examples of projects someone in this function might work on
4. Stages in a typical project
5. How analytics should drive decision making
6. Typical day in the life
7. How is success measured - timeliness, quality of analysis and ability to communicate
8. Interesting and challenging aspects of the job
9. Examples of tools he uses - R, SQL, Python, Visualization tools
10. Not so interesting aspects of this job - how if your insights are unexpected, there can be a lot of resistance, and you really need to figure out how to persuade people
11. Difference between Analytics and Data Science
12. Career progression
13. Skills/Qualities in someone who is good at this job - comfort with numbers, ability to learn new tools and languages needed for the job, communication and curiosity
14. Typical background
15. Helpful resources for interested candidates
16. 3 questions you can ask yourself to assess if you will like the job 
17. Tips for applying for similar jobs

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