Explore a Career in UX Research - Discussion with Jonathan Karpfen, Experience Researcher @Airbnb

Jonathan Karpfen, Experience Researcher at Airbnb and Principal UX Researcher at LinkedIn before Airbnb, goes into the details of a what working as a UX Researcher is all about in this episode.

By the way, Jonathan and I met at the Airbnb office for this discussion, which I have to say is AMAZING. Below is a photograph of where we recorded the podcast. That's right, in a camper inside the Airbnb HQ in San Francisco. Do you spot Jonathan sitting inside?


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! :)


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. How and why did Jonathan go into UX Research
2. What is UX Research
3. Example of a project that Jonathan worked on at LinkedIn as a UX Researcher
4. What kind of problems does Jonathan work on as an Experience Researcher at Airbnb
5. How UX Research comes down to being able to understand people and their behaviors
6. Interesting and challenging aspects of the job

7. Key attributes of someone who will enjoy working in this space
8. A list of books for budding researchers or for anyone curious about how great products are designed
9. Recruiting tips

Thank you for listening!! 


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