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Explore a Career in Sales - Discussion with Fabiola Cazares, Sales Development Manager @Affirm

Fabiola Cazares

Fabiola Cazares, Sales Manager at Affirm, describes in detail what working in Sales is like. Affirm is a series E FinTech company, co-founded by Max Levchin (of the PayPal fame).

Fabiola has a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley, and has been with Affirm for close to 4 years.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion.


In this episode, you'll hear Fabiola talk about:

1. Difference between Sales and Business Development
2. Role of a Business Development Associate or Sales Rep vs an Account Executive
3. How sales reps source deals
4. Day to day of a sales rep
5. Measuring success in Sales
6. Interesting parts of the role
7. What someone might not like about Sales - there's a lot of rejection and down periods when no one responds positively to your outreach
8. Common misconceptions about Sales 
9. Examples of questions to ask when interviewing for sales roles to understand the culture better

Thank you for listening!! 


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