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On Self-Publishing and Writing & Selling eBooks - Discussion with Tom Corson-Knowles, Bestselling Author and Founder @TCKPublishing

Tom is an international bestselling author, who has written many books including "The Kindle Publishing Bible," "The Amazon Analytics Bible," "Rich By 22: How To Achieve Business Success At An Early Age," "Facebook For Business Owners," "How To Make Money With Twitter" and "The Kindle Writing Bible," among others.

Today, Tom not only has a successful business around writing and selling ebooks, but he also teaches new and established authors and writers how to emulate his success in writing.

Tom is also the founder of TCK Publishing, which partners with fiction and non-fiction authors as the publisher and marketing expert to help writers get their message and story to millions of readers all over the world. Learn more at


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. The process of self-publishing a book
2. Key aspects to consider when self-publishing: Branding, Name of the book, Description, etc.
3. What makes a good book title
4. How to construct a good book description
5. How to think about pricing your book
6. Tom's writing process and the importance of "thinking time"
7. Key characteristics of a book that does well
8. Attributes of someone who will enjoy and be good at self-publishing
9. Tons of resources!

Tom mentions a number a resources during the discussion, here are the links:

Recommended books and resources to improve your writing skills:


How to find an editor for your book:


The Publishing Profits Podcast show to learn from successful authors what's working right now:


Tom's free video training course on how to format, publish and market your eBook on Amazon Kindle


Tom's free training on the 16 factors that influence how many books you sell

Thank you for listening!! 


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