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Learn About Life As A Sommelier In This Discussion With Jan Konetzki - Director of Wine @Four Seasons & Ex-Gordon Ramsay

Ritu Dalmia

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Jan Konetzki, Director of Wine at Four Seasons London and former Head Sommelier at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (Royal Hospital Road, London), talks to us about what working as a sommelier is all about.

Jan has worked across several Michelin star restaurants, and today he counts as one of Europe’s most talented and exceptional sommeliers. You can check out his website at

Listen to the discussion below:


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. How a great sommelier needs to be both passionate about wine as well as helping guests have a great time
2. Importance of training as an apprentice for becoming a sommelier
3. How to develop your palette - that anyone can do it, start with noticing the smells and flavors around you
4. Sommeliers need to be good at reading guests - ask the right questions to avoid language confusion
5. How Jan keeps all the information about so many wines in his mind - using visual aids such as maps and recording his answers to questions which he listens to during his commute
6. How as a sommelier you get the chance to meet amazing people who're your guests. 
8. If you want to become a sommelier, try and experience the environment of hospitality - Talk to sommeliers in a restaurant. Assess how much is the service part important for you and how much is the wine part important to you.

Thank you for listening!! 


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