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Explore a Career in Standup Comedy - Discussion with Shereen Kassam, aka "Funny Brown Girl"

Standup Comedian Shereen Kassam, who goes by the stage name "Funny Brown Girl", talks about what it takes to get a foothold in the world of Standup Comedy.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the discussion with Shereen!


Some things that Shereen talks about:

1. What is standup comedy
2. Essential elements of a great comedy act
3. Building stage presence
4. Building your brand
5. Financial aspects of working as a comedian
6. Interesting and challenging aspects of working as a comedian
7. How to nurture your interest in working as a comedian

Thank you for listening!! If you have any questions for Shereen or for us, you can email us at or tweet at us @led_curator or like us on Facebook at

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