Explore a career in Customer Success Management in Tech - Discussion with Nereyda Esparza, Customer Success Manager @Amazon

Customer Success Manager

Nereyda Esparza, Customer Success Manager at Amazon (Amazon Business), shares her insights on what working as a Customer Success Manager is like. CSM is a relatively new but up and coming function, found in a lot of tech companies today.

Nereyda has a BA in Latin American Studies from Smith College, and M.Phil from University of Oxford.


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Some of the areas that Nereyda touches upon in this episode include:

1. Nereyda's background and career path
2. What is customer success management
3. Difference between customer success management and account management
4. How customer success is a relatively new role in tech
6. Example of a project Nereyda worked on as a CSM, and examples of activities Nereyda undertook on the project
7. Skills you need to do well in this function
8. Advice for interested candidates and recommended resources

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