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Explore a Career in Data Science in these discussions with Data Scientists at Facebook, Lyft, and WalmartLabs

Data Science is a great career path to consider for those who have an analytical bent of mind, and love the idea of analyzing vast quantities of data to draw insights and inform decisions. Most Tech companies hire data scientists, although data is so ubiquitous now that you'll find roles in certain departments in non-tech companies too (for eg: the supply chain department of a retail company might hire data scientists).

Check out the discussions below to learn more about this space!

Discussion with Sean Taylor, Data Science Manager at Facebook, Lyft

Sean shares examples of projects he has worked on, shares recruiting tips, and describes the benefits of working openly. He has over 44k followers on Twitter!

Data Scientist at Facebook, Lyft

Data Science Interview Prep - Discussion with Nick Singh, Author of Ace the Data Science Interview

Nick Singh, Author of Ace the Data Science Interview and Roy Keyes, Author of Hiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers, share advice for how to prepare for Data Science interviews.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 7.14.14 PM.png

Discussion with Yash Kotresh, Data Scientist at Walmart Labs 

Yash goes into what her job entails, what a typical day is like, good and not so good aspects of the job, and shares helpful resources for interested candidates.

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