Breaking into Tech with no Technical Background or Experience - Discussion with Jeremy Schifeling, Founder @BreakInto.Tech

Jeremy Schifeling, Founder of BreakInto.Tech, a startup that helps people with non-technical backgrounds land jobs in Tech, shares numerous tips on how candidates can structure their job search and improve chances of success.

BreakInto.Tech has helped candidates land jobs at well known Tech companies such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. Jeremy has a BA in Political Science & Education from Swarthmore College and MBA from Ross School of Business, Michigan University.


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Some of the areas that Jeremy touches upon in this episode include:

1. Why Jeremy started Break into Tech
2. How Jeremy realized that a technical background is not needed to work in Tech
3. Jeremy's recommendation for how to structure your job search process - Identify what role, position yourself, systematic approach to your applications, and interview prep
4. Examples of roles that are open to non-technical profiles
5. How non-technical roles tend to lie on a spectrum of super analytical (Eg: Business Analyst), to super relationships oriented (eg: Sales)
6. How to assess fit with a role - talk to people + volunteer for projects/gigs
7. Positioning yourself - focus on your LinkedIn profile and resume
8. How to optimize your LinkedIn profile - keywords and where to include them, good summary, and experience
9. Examples of how to phrase resume points differently depending on the function you are applying for
10. Don't wait for a referral when applying. You can add it to your application later
11. Resources - Google Alerts, Techmeme, Wikipedia, read 10K,, AngelList, LinkedIn , 
12. Don't hide your quirks and edges - they will help you stand out!

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