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Explore a Career in Space Technology - Discussion with Ioana Cozmuta, Microgravity Lead @Space Portal, NASA, on Creating An Economy In Low Earth Orbit.

Dr. Ioana Cozmuta, Microgravity Lead at Space Portal, NASA Ames Research Center, describes her job in detail. This is a great episode for anyone who is interested in learning about technologies that can truly change the world!

Ioana has also given a TEDx talk on this exciting space that you can view here:

Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. Introduction to Dr. Ioana and her job [4:40-9:45]
2. Commercialization aspects of low earth orbit [9:45]
3. Sample project that Dr. Ioana has worked on as Microgravity Lead at Space Portal [16:00]
4. How to think about opportunities in New Space Economy [21:00]
5. Key decisions that have enabled Dr. Ioana get to where she is today [36:00]
6. Recommendations for people interested in exploring a career in Space [49:00]

Thank you for listening!! 


If you have any questions for Ioana or for us, you can email us at or tweet at us @led_curator or like us on Facebook at

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