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Explore Careers focused on making a Grass Roots Impact - Discussions with Aly Breedlove, Consultant with Acumen Fund & TechnoServe, and Claire Jenkins, CEO of Non-Profit Grow Movement

In these two episodes, we bring you discussions with two extremely talented individuals, who have carved out a career for themselves with a focus on having a grass roots impact. 


Discussion with Alexandra Breedlove, Consultant with Acumen Fund , TechnoServe

Alexandra Breedlove left a steady, well paying job in Management Consulting (A.T. Kearney, Inc.), and moved to Tanzania to try and have an impact at a grass-roots level. In this episode, Aly shares with us the various projects she worked on while in Tanzania, including as a contractor with well known organizations such as Acumen Fund and TechnoServe, and her experiences working in International Development.

Aly has a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing an MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School.

Some of the things we touch upon in this episode include:

1. The kind of projects Aly worked on with Acumen Fund and TechnoServe
2. The kind of challenges Aly ran into when working on the ground in Tanzania
3. Importance of knowing the local language when working in International Development
4. Highlights from Aly's 5 years in Tanzania
5. Importance of relationships for finding work in this sector

6. Qualities in someone who would enjoy working in this space
7. Recommended resources for people interested in working in International Development

Some resources mentioned by Aly:




Discussion with Claire Jenkins, CEO Grow Movement, on working in the Non-Profit Sector

Claire Jenkins, CEO of Non-Profit Organization Grow Movement, an organization that uses remote volunteer business consultants to assist entrepreneurs in East Africa in becoming more profitable and able to employ more people, describes what is it like to work in the Non-Profit Space.

Some of the areas we touch upon in this episode include:

1. Differences between working in non-profit and for-profit companies
2. Type of challenges faced by non-profits
3. How to decide whether you should work in the non-profit space
4. Interesting and challenging aspects of working in the non-profit space
5. What to look at when considering various non-profits to work at

Thank you for listening!! 


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