Explore a career in Business Operations in Tech - Discussion with Jordan Kong, Director Business Operations @Ando

Jordan Kong, Director of Business Operations and Board Observer at FoodTech startup Ando, talks about what working in Business Operations is like.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion! 


Some of the areas that Jordan touches upon in this episode include:

1. What's a venture studio (eg: Expa) and how it's great for people who want to work at a startup but dont have an idea
2. What does someone in Biz Ops do
3. Examples of projects someone in Biz Ops may work on 
4. How this can be a highly cross-functional role and requires working with teams across the organization
5. How this is a data heavy role
6. How this role can take on either a strategic finance bent or an operations bent
7. How Biz Ops can be similar to an internal consulting role at times
8. Interesting and challenging aspects of the job
9. How this is a relatively new function and so the career path is not very clear
10. How to assess the importance of the function on the outside/while recruiting
11. Qualities in someone who would enjoy this job
12. How to stand out in a cold mail
13. Recruiting and interviewing tips for interested candidates

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