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Startup Recruiting for MBAs - From Kellogg MBA to PM @Series B funded Narvar, Atif Nayeem

Atif Nayeem, former Account Manager at Amazon, recently completed his MBA at Kellogg School of Management and received an offer as a Product Manager at Series B funded E-Commerce startup, Narvar. In this episode, Atif shares how he went about startup recruiting.


Check out the podcast below to listen to the complete discussion!


Some of things that Atif touches upon in this episode include:

1. Why he decided to recruit for startups
2. How it's hard to change location, industry and function at the same time, and so he looked at e-commerce startups only
3. His startup selection criteria - how series B startups can be a good fit for MBAs 
4. His application strategy - Applying online + sending a direct message to the recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn
5. What he wrote in these initial messages - his projects and skills that could be relevant to the role he was applying for
6. How going a step beyond to really show how interested you are in the startup is really helpful
7. His interview process and some interesting questions he was asked
8. How he evaluated his offer and negotiated it
9. Helpful resources for interested candidates

Thank you for listening!! 


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